MediaLit 2011: Monday

by Anna Blanch on June 21, 2011

Day 1 at the MediaLit Conference here in Durham bordered on data overload. I’m conducting a little experiment in live-tweeting. It’s highly possible I will have alienated much of my followers with my discussions of #medialit11 and it’s focus on #church #media #socialmedia #blogging #culture

I’m hoping to reflect a little more this week on engagement with social media as a cultural commentator, as an academic of theology and the arts, and as a teacher within the context of higher education.

David Wilkinson (Principal, St John’s College, Durham) started the day with a discussion of the Theology of Communication, offering a biblical basis for communication within a digital world and social media contexts.

Andrew Graystone (@andrewgraystone) (Director of Church Media Network) and Anna Drew (@annamdrew) (Methodist church) gave a great overview of broadcast media.

Dr Bex Lewis @drbexl Lecturer & Blended Learning Fellow, University of Winchester;  Blended Learning Project Manager, CODEC, University of Durham, then walked us through an overview of the history of the internet and social media. Bex’s use of multimedia is a great example of why she is a “Blended Learning Fellow” – she is a digital media wunderkind. She’s a digital media consultant too – through her website Digital Fingerprint.

Many of the new tools and platforms I use were discussed in detail: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Audacity and a whole bunch of new platforms and tools – including @audioboo @prezzi

Finally Pete Phillips, Director of Research, CBLC, CODEC, St John’s College, Durham led a conversation – an exercise in cultural exegesis on Glee (particularly the “Grilled Cheesus” episode). It made for a pretty interesting chat to say the least….

In the midst of all of these is the sharing of meals, chats over coffee and getting to see beyond the static presentation through the Twitterfall! (seriously, Twitterfall is a thing. I’d never heard of it before either!)


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