Motto for the moment

by Anna Blanch on August 19, 2011

Sometimes you have to carry on regardless. Writing, teaching and researching for a living is a many sided sword and as much as i love my changeable work-life – depending on times of the year, punctuated by research and conference travel, my students and teaching – it still stings slightly when people (especially family, must admit) assume that I don’t have a “real job.” On one side it is a little funny, because one of the reasons I chose St Andrews was because I wanted to avoid continuing what had been just over two years of working somewhere between 70 to 100 hour weeks. If the measure by which “real job” is assessed is whether i work 9-5 in the same place everyday then, no, i don’t have – and hope i never have that version of a “real job.”

On the other side of things It is disconcerting that it is assumed that the rich array of writing, teaching, researching, finishing up the administration required to square away a PhD and so somehow doesn’t equate to a “job.” I’ve worked extremely hard in the last 4 years to get to this point. Okay – rant over.

The upshot is that I’ve also just found out this week why I’ve been feeling so fatigued and like i’ve been catching every bug going around over the last couple of months. Hopefully, now that i have some information I can be sensible about pacing my work days and tweaking some things so that progress on the thesis continues that I might be done on schedule! I’m still on track (crazily enough) to be done next summer. Finally, I do have a post up on Transpositions today – a review of “Lovely, Raspberry” by poet, Aaron Belz.

Hence, this is my motto of the moment!

Thanks to Bex Lewis for sharing this one; you can find the original for sale at this Etsy shop.

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  • bekah

    You had me at the first sentence. Exactly where I am in life. I just have to go on. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

    Deep sigh.

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