Sharing the love (or the pain): #acbowrimo-sters in arms

by Anna Blanch on November 12, 2011

First up, I wouldn’t be sharing this blog carnival of sorts with you if it weren’t for the lovely Charlotte Frost of PhD2Published. Not only has she been a driving force behind #acbowrimo, but she also helped me out with most of the links I’m sharing with you here! If you’re not on this blog carnival list, don’t despair! You can be, simply by adding your post using the linky lower down in the post!

Digital Critic (Charlotte Frost): AcBoWriMo on PhD2Published and c21 at University of Wisconsin: Acbowrimo!
ProfHacker on The Chronicle of Higher Education (George Williams)Draft Your Book in One Month
A Memorable Fancy (Erik Marshall): SomethingSomethingMo
This post from  Martin Paul Eve A dissenting voice on #AcBoWriMo has sparked some discussion, along with this response to Martin’s post from Journeying towards a goal: To AcBoWriMo or not to AcBoWriMo…
Constance Kassor: #AcBoWriMo
The Teaching Tom Tom (Narelle Lemon): A writing challenge – the first AcBoWriMo has been announced
Sound & Fury: Guilting at its best #AcBoWriMo
Get a Life, PhD: The 5 stages of writing from Ideas to final product
Vacuous Minx: A NanoWriMo Alternative for Academics
How Very Meta: No really, Still alive
Glorious Generalist: AcBoWriMo: Academic Book Writing Month
Standardized Teacher (Bridget Mahony): AcBoWriMo… I’m in!
A Dozen Pickled Limes (Elizabeth Hopwood): AcBoWriMo
DaciaTakesNotes: Painting Words?
Finds and Features: Introducing Nanowrimo for academics… AcBoWriMo
Althouse: Forget Nanowrimo, its acbwrimo
Girl in Maths: NaNoWriMo alternative
The Ambulant Scholar: Blog Lab: My November Academic Writing Challenge – #AcBoWriMo
Emily and the Lime: AcBoWriMo First Impressions; Adding a progress bar for AcBoWriMo – I used Emily’s tips and created the progress bar you see here on Goannatree!); Hitting the wall in #AcBoWriMo; What are you writing for AcBoWriMo?
Anna Tarrant: AcBoWriMo Month has begun
Read|React|Review: The November Blogging Plan

Not everyone is writing about #acbowrimo, some, including Vedn are vlogging every day in november:  day 1 – AcBoWriMo

and finally, a couple of posts from me on this journey:
Joining with #acbowrimo
The travails of my single mindedness
Staying accountable in my Thesis writing marathon
oh, and one that might be helpful on productivity tools for scholars, graduate students and researchers from this week.

Do you have one i didn’t mention? Why don’t you add it here:

Next week, I think i’ll revert more to a linky – link up….so drop by from Monday to link up posts and i’ll write an overview post later in the week (if i meet my #acbowrimo targets)!

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