Thanksgiving and PhD theses

by Anna Blanch on November 25, 2011

Okay, so as I said last week and the week before, Friday’s for the rest of November are for posts to check-in on where I’m at with #acbowrimo (Academic Book Writing month) or the month in which “Anna aims to give her thesis writing aims a really good shake.”

I share some photographs and a little more about my writing process in my Wednesday Life Unmasked post, Writing Unmasked.

One of Charlotte Frost of PhD2Published’s rules was that I should publicly declare how much I’ve managed to get done each day and each week of the project.  I’ve been thinking of it as stick, carrot and cupcake all in one.

The hard facts

This is where the progress was at the two week mark:

And this is where I was up to at the end of week 3:

I really hoped to stepit up a notch this week – in order to have any hope of reach my original goal, i needed about 2051 words a day! So how did I do?

Well, apart from 1100 words in blog posts, not many words were added as as i spent much of the weekend editing.

I took last Saturday off thesis writing to get some exercise, create a little, edit some photos. I did write, but it was from the heart and absolutely nothing to do with my thesis.

Here’s a nice image of where chapter 3 is up to:

I also added a progress bar for the whole PhD to the sidebar. It’s been one of the most satisfying things adding to the word count on there when i’m done each day, so I thought it would be good to add one for the project as a whole.

I put the final touches to an article for Case Magazine on Australian Christmas poetry and Songs! It’ll be coming out in December, so especially for those in Australia, keep an eye out for it. It was a pleasure to write. (Don’t tell anyone, but it was incredibly fun to write too!)

It’s actually been a busy week on the blog writing front, so if you interested in what I’ve gotten up to elsewhere.:

* My November “A Digital Room of One’s Own” column for Big Bible Project went up yesterday, where I ask, Are you being a bully online?

* My review of Joan Chittester’s The Liturgical Year is up on Transpositions today.

* 16 Days of Action toward eliminating violence against women began today. An intro post went up this morning and I shared the first guest post from Mandy Marshall of Restored.


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