the month is half way done, but where is the thesis?

by Anna Blanch on November 18, 2011

Okay, so as I said last week,Friday’s for the rest of November are for posts to check-in on where I’m at with #acbowrimo (Academic Book Writing month) or the month in which “Anna aims to give her thesis writing aims a really good shake.”

So the month is half done. Don’t worry, I can’t believe it either.

One of Charlotte Frost of PhD2Published’s rules was that I should publicly declare how much I’ve managed to get done each day and each week of the project.  Consider it stick, carrot and cupcake all in one.

So here’s where things stand:

This is me at 1600h today!

 i’m tired. i’m a little miserable because it’s so grey. but i have about 1000 words to reach 50,000 words on my thesis draft…it’s coming slow. but even if this isn’t what i want to be doing on a friday night, this is what I have chosen. This is a choice.

This week has been a better week, in terms of word count and in terms of concentration. But it’s still been as daunting a proposition as any other. I find myself resenting anything that takes me away from the prospect of a stretch of time in which to read and write. This of course is a problematic way to live, because some of these other tasks and responsibilities I enjoy, and yet others still are part of a measured, rightly ordered life. It would actually be a relief to throw myself completely headlong into the final stage of the PhD and let it take over most waking hours, but that really wouldn’t be conducive to keeping my life in perspective!

Chapter 2 in a much better place structure-wise. Above is a word picture of chapter 2. I think it looks pretty. I might actually make a piece of art out of my phd once it is done. That would be fitting I think!

Down to the numbers…this is me at 1850h:

The goal for this week was to get to 50k words. So there’s definitely a sense of achievement.

This is where the progress was at last week:

And this is where I’m up to as of 1900h tonight:

That’s an average of 985 words a day for the last 7. I didn’t work too much last sunday, so let’s make it 1150 per day.

The hard facts:

6899 words in the last week on the thesis

+ about 800 words of posts for other sites (i don’t count words written for this blog). I didn’t actually add them to the progress bar, although some of them are for a post that might be able to be folded into chapter 5.

I’m happy to be at 50,000. It never feels enough. Total word count doesn’t speak to the quality, of course. There are still many words to rewrite and rewrite and edit and shape.

I am hoping to stepit up a notch next week – in order to reach my original goal, i’ll need about 2051 words a day! That’s still doable but i’ve got a lot to do on chapters 4 and 5 in order to make that happen!

Oh, and mulled wine makes many things about writing at home on Friday night so much better.


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