Transpositions Symposium on 400th anniversary of the King James Authorised Version

by Anna Blanch on September 6, 2011

I can finally introduce one of the projects I’ve been working on for months! Transpositions Symposium on the King James Bible: featuring N.T. Wright, Carlos Colón, Joanne Cox, and Makoto Fujimura among two weeks of very interesting posts! I’m really looking forward to this!

Here’s a link to my introduction for the symposium which went up yesterday:



Today’s post is from Tom Wright – a great piece reflecting on the act of translation.

A schedule for the symposium is as follows:

Sunday, 4 SeptemberFeatured Artist: David Mach (Jim Watkins)
Monday, 5 SeptemberIntroduction to the Symposium on King James Bible
Tuesday, 6 SeptemberTranslators and Kings (Professor N.T. Wright)
Wednesday, 7 September – Communicating in the Vernacular (Rev Dr Joanne Cox)
Thursday, 8 September – Weaving the Word (Carol Marples)
Friday, 9 September – Review: Cotton-Patch Bible out of context (Jennifer Allen Craft)
Monday, 12 September – Reflection on 9/11 and the KJV (Dr Greg Garrett)
Tuesday, 13 September – 24 hour bible reading project and the impact on preaching (Rev Richard Littledale)
Wednesday, 14 September -Viral Bibles and the People’s Book (Anna Blanch)
Thursday, 15 September – Reflecting on Ruth – A Composer’s perspective (Carlos A.Colón)
Friday, 16 September – Reflection on the  gaps between visual imagery and “word based” theology (Makoto Fujimura)


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