The Good Word: inspiration for the home

by Anna Blanch on January 26, 2011

“Hospitality is where utility and beauty meet” – Emily Watkins

Emily’s wise words are the inspiration and justification for sharing a post full of links to those sites which provide inspiring ideas, wonderful crib sheets, gorgeous images, and all round hope of making my little cottage by the sea a place of hospitality. It’s already served me well and i’m sure 2011 will merely be an opportunity for making things even more beautiful even as they have utility. I’m sure my housemate agrees with me.

YoungHouseLove – Operation Casa Petersik Dos has recently commenced and i’m looking forward to seeing how things turn out. This is great for all sorts of inspiration and DIY magic.

Ana White’s DIY – I do not have the space to be building my own furniture, but as soon as i do, probably after the next move I’ll be delving into this site as my inspiration for Crate and Barrel style at Bunnings/Lowes prices. That and I’d love to have elements of handmade furniture in my home!

Design*Sponge – This is jam packed with great decor, stationary, textiles, and crashing the homes and offices of creative people. I especially love the literature/movie inspired mood boards and the budget section. There’s also this MyLifeScoop post on 25 of my favorite options for keeping your office clean that is rather interesting.This great post about laptop covers is also pretty sweet!

TinyAssApartment – Taking great design ideas into the smallest of spaces. It is also one of the only sites written specifically for those of us who are renting or leasing rather than home-owning. This makes me feel like the cottage is actually quite a decent size (it’s certainly more than enough for me).

ApartmentTherapy – Great for wideranging inspiration – very US centric and not as good as the others above though.

Photo: Anna Blanch (see for more photography)\
More from Emily Watkins can be found here.

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