Home Library: Albert Mohler’s personal study

by Anna Blanch on July 25, 2011

So for something a little different – but hopefully the first of many more home libraries – here is Albert Mohler’s personal study/library for you to check out: Al Mohler – Study Tour. click on the link or image to go to the video (it wouldn’t let me embed)!

This was sent to me by Rusty! Thanks for the heads up!

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  • musingmonkey

    Thanks for posting this Anna. I love it when Goannatree lights up in my Google Reader with a library related post!

    I must confess to a rather morbid combination of cynicism and interest when I clicked on the video link. The image of Albert Mohler I have had in my head for the last couple of years is not particularly flattering, so it was a really positive thing to hear him speaking so disarmingly in his own study which he has much reason to be proud of.

    He is clearly a more complex character than the caricature I've created of him in my mind through my occasional reading of his thoughts on evolution. While I find it hard to reconcile what I consider to be his rather misguided criticisms of science with the evidence of an inquisitive and well-read mind, this short video makes me think I could and should like the man a little more 🙂


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