some words from Mrs Hannah More on politics and religion

by Anna Blanch on February 26, 2011

6On the whole, we need not hesitate to assert, that in the long course of events, nothing, that is morally wrong, can be politically right. Nothing, that is inequitable, can be finally successful. Nothing, that is contrary to religion, can be ultimately favourable to civil polity.

Hannah More—-

From Hints towards forming the character of a young princess (1805)

One of the best known polemicists of her day Hannah More was an English Authoress and philanthropist whose life spanned both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Evangelical philanthropist Hannah More provides an indispensable link between the Georgian and Victorian periods. She wrote about many topics and was part of the so called Bluestocking groups. Hannah More was born in a little village near Bristol and her father, Jacob was the village schoolmaster.

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