Trying to Romance a Stone…

by Anna Blanch on February 18, 2011

I’m not married. I feel the need to say that. Because i suspect over the next few months there might be quite a few tidbits about a chap named Bert, who I will speak of as if we were married. We are, I guess. But only in the way that intellectual-nerdy types think of when they’ve personified projects. Yep, as of the other day, Bert is the name of my doctoral thesis.

Here is the original “relationship” declaration – which took place on Facebook.***

My PhD thesis is hence forth known as “Bert”. In it’s friendlier moments it’s more like “Daisy” (Nesbit’s nickname), by mostly its eye wanders more than Hubert’s (E.N’s husband) did. Bert and I are having a spat at the moment. I’ve concluded that i’m pretty much married (i’ve had to commit otherwise I might need to be committed…) to “Bert”, which means we’re just going to have to work it (and his neuroses) out.

 Bert and I aren’t really on speaking terms at the moment. I figured we’d sort it out this morning – have a real heart to heart about everything – but my grumpiness was reinforced and he’s just going to have to wait until i cool off. I might have to do some reading of journal articles this after (i think of this like ironing his shirts) but in the meantime I’ve begun to wonder whether the way to his heart is through mine and other people’s stomachs! Cooking has been one of my sanity-inducing activities of late.

***Yes, there are additional nerdy layers of meta-meaning there…However, the take away is this: Given the insanity of the last few months (maybe chaos is a more apt description) the Goannatree Facebook Page has been seeing more of me than The Blog. So, go check it out…and meet some of the other lovely people who drop by to write snarky (read: they know me and my sense of humour), generous, insightful comments, or to leave me links to things i might find interesting.

Anna Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD candidate in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, Scotland. She is also a regular contributor to Transpositions.

  • Jen

    As I'm working out a complex relationship with a master's thesis named Orlando, I can heartily sympathize. Best of luck with Bert!
    My recent post How do I feel about thee- thesis mine

  • Goannatree

    Nice to meet you Jen (and Orlando)!

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