Two Women: Grandmotherly love

by Anna Blanch on February 20, 2011

I was reading this poem by E.Nesbit today and it tugged at something deep within me. It is from her 1886 collection Lays and Legends.

YOU who bore the pain and care
Only women have to bear,
You who staked your life to win
Life for me, to love you in,
You who loved me all these years,
With your kisses, prayers, and tears.–

You whose being gave to earth
All that gives my life its worth,
YOU who gave me love and praise
In the darkest of my days:
To you both where far you stand,
See, I reach out heart and hand.

Heart that love of you enfolds,
Hand that this poor nosegay holds:
 If some weeds about it twine,
Cast them back, for they are mine;
All the flowers were set by you,
And within your garden grew.

When I wrote the following words in December last year, I knew the love of both my grandmothers for sure. Now I deal also with the parting from one for a time.
I’m thinking alot today about my beautiful, inspiring, loving, complete unique grandmothers. How i’m looking forward to being in both their kitchens in less than a month. One is funny, and feisty with such a presence (i keep getting images of funny faces and sillier dances in costumes of questionable taste), and the other has listened to all my crazy dreams and ideas and loves like pretty much noone else I know.

Oh, my, for heaven to come.

How i grew in the gardens they planted.

How my heart hurts.

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