Ghosts of Steel: Creativity from the Ruins

by Anna Blanch on February 10, 2012

Though I am familiar with the Hunter region as a consequence of spending some time there and Newcastle being a metropolitan city bigger than Tamworth (the region I’m from), I still have alot to learn. I don’t have rose-coloured glasses about the struggles that a post-industrial city faces. What is inspiring is the creativity that the city seems to be nuturing and its own desire to reinvent itself.

With a Soundtrack from Soundtrack by: Max Richter (Waltz With Bashir),”Ghosts of Steel” is part of “an ongoing campaign to shed light on the bomb-effected like state of Newcastle.” No longer a coal mining town with a steel works, Newcastle struggles to reclassify itself. Traveling means VIKTORIA often returns to her hometown, each time exiting the F3 freeway feeling another brick has quietly fallen from the sandstone edifice. Asked to present a talk on her vision for her hometown, she first established THE VISION of that town.


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