You never know how you will be found

by Anna Blanch on March 12, 2012

Search terms are funny things.

It makes sense that Goannatree would be found by searches like:

  • Imagination art
  • C.S. Lewis scholarship
  • home library
  • library walls in your home with ladder
  • theology and literature phd
  • e nesbit song
  •  “religion in the arts” meaning
  • and a surprising number of searches for islamic libraries.

others that make me chuckle:

  • stupid phd thesis

and that Goannatree ranks on the first page for the search “Book of profanity”!

but then there are searches that make you scratch your head like:

  • riot destruction
  • shutterstock theology [ what exactly is shutterstock theology? I don’t know.]
  • things to do in sapporo japan map [yeah. not really sure i’m going to be a good bet on that one]
  • wallpaper for home design book
  •  st deiniol’s library wedding
  •  anna blanch architectura

Yeah, my search terms are not half as interesting as some, but they do make me smile – and scratch my head – and that my friends is often enough.

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  • Findo

    I double dare you to sneek ‘shutterstock theology’ or ‘riot destruction’ into your thesis. 

    • Goannatree

       If i can figure out what shutterstock theology is….

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