Home Libraries: Andrew Carnegie

by Anna Blanch on October 31, 2012

Steele magnate Andrew Carnegie used some of his vast millions to build a 64-room mansion located on 5th Ave near Central Park in New York City. Among its 64 rooms were Carnegie’s private library and study where he would spend his mornings either alone or with his personal secretary. Carnegie is famous for the libraries that he helped fund all across the USA!  But his personal home library is something to behold! He used his library to receive applicants seeking a piece of his philanthropic treasure chest and his study to determine which ones would get funds. The rooms were decked out in typical Gilded Age furnishings: dark hand-carved wood, plush furniture, and decorative ceilings. Along the walls of both rooms were stenciled Carnegie’s favorite inspirational sayings like “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” It’s an incredible home library!



I love libraries and there is something particularly special about libraries and writing rooms and studies in one’s home. This ongoing series shares libraries and writing rooms I’ve come across in my travels and readings. It also helps me assuage my desire for a home library of my own!

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