5 things books have taught me about life

by Anna Blanch on March 27, 2012

This is intended as a lighter look at literature….


Books have taught me many things about the world, about life, about what to pray for  (Hello God, It’s me Margaret I’m looking at you). They’ve taught me about first love, adventure, dying with dramatic flourish and chivalric honour. They may or may not be totally wrong.

1. The seaside is a magical place full of sunshine and icecream

What they don’t tell you is how windy it can be and how the sand stings your legs.

2. Boys say and do the sweetest things and always know when to kiss the girl.

yeah….and girls always know what to say and when to swoon.

3. Everyone needs a great title for their unwritten memoirs.

I have one. I’ll probably never write them, but i totally have the perfect title. I’ll share mine if you share yours! Tell me in the comments…

4.You win more than you lose.

Sadly enough, there isn’t always a hero.

5. Siblings never fight, or at least not for long.

Little Women you make many sisterly relationships look positively icy!

and a bonus one, because I can.

6. Priests, ministers, and pastors aren’t normal people.

They are either beacons of piety or  they are priggishly pious and hypocritical or they are really really undeniably horrible and do heinous things.

Have you got any to add?

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