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by Anna Blanch on January 24, 2012

When I made the decision that I was heading to Australia, the next decision almost made itself.


I could  just tell you outright where I’m going. But, what would be the fun in that…

Instead, let me do some educating! It is what I do, after all!

Australia is a large country.

If you’ve been following this blog much at all, then you’ll have noticed that I’ve mentioned how much northern NSW is where I feel drawn to, for quite a few reasons.

But, it was the combination of being able to share life with my little sister; being in a place within striking distance of almost half the universities in the country; and being close to my family that made it quite clear quite quickly where it was that I was going.

Being able to make the most of seeking opportunities to engage with the academic conversations taking place in Australia as well as the conversations about Christianity happening in the public sphere didn’t hurt.

Finally, add in a thriving arts community and good transportation links to Sydney (meaning I’m close to major airports), lots of sun (which my health needs at the moment) and the decision pretty much made itself!

Where, you still ask?

Newcastle, NSW.

In many ways, this is a landscape in which I am rooted, though I have never lived in this city and I grew up a few hours further north. It is a beach city, and after living in St Andrews I found I absolutely love living near to the water (though the next cottage won’t have sea views)!

The first members of my family to live in Australia lived in the Hunter Region, of which Newcastle is the capital city. As one of my post-phd projects, I’m hoping to finish and publish two book projects I started a number of years ago which involves some research about my own roots in the region.

Some of you still may have absolutely no idea where Newcastle is, or what kind of place it is. So, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a slightly cheesy video to explain a little more about the little city I’m heading to in March.

But, and this is really important! Many of you won’t even miss me! I will be travelling back and forth from Australia to Scotland for supervisions and hopefully my defence and graduation so i’m not leaving for good. At this stage I have trips back in May and August and November either booked or planned! But my home base will be Australia again for the near future and I’m extremely excited about that.

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  • http://twitter.com/maggidawn maggi dawn

    I had the best Chai of my life in Newcastle. Cute little hippy cafe right near the sea. 

    • http://www.goannatree.com/ Goannatree

      I’m looking forward to finding a few local hippy cafes with wifi to sit and write in!

  • http://www.miss-britt.com Miss Britt

    I so get the need for water.

    Did I ever tell you my Nana was born in Australia?

    • http://www.goannatree.com Anna Blanch

      no you didn’t! That’s awesome. was she a war bride by any chance? I think this means you guys will have to come to australia for a trip! You’d love it!

    • http://www.goannatree.com/ Goannatree

      no you didn’t! That’s awesome. was she a war bride by any chance? I think this means you guys will have to come to australia for a trip! You’d love it!

  • Chris Hall

    I have heard of Newcastle, Good friends of ours moved to Woy Woy which is half way between Sydney and Newcastle.  Would love to visit them some day.  Have a great time!

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