Central Europe: Amsterdam to Budapest

by Anna Blanch on May 12, 2012

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

As I mentioned in the last post, delineating the different ‘regions’ of Europe is not a simple matter. I mentioned that I had decided to go with the CIA factbook delineation of Central, Eastern, South Eastern, with Russia recognised as a transcontinental country with a ‘regional’ label all of its own.

Under the CIA factbook definition, Central Europe includes: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia

I plan to journey through Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.

Day 3: Travel from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Cologne, Germany

Day 4: Cologne, German to Prague, Czech

Day 5: Day in Prague

Day 6: Travel from Prague to Kraków, Poland

Day 7: day in Kraków

Day 8:  Travel from Kraków to Budapest.

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One of the things I usually try and do in these weekly planning posts is note all of the countries that readers, like you, have read Goannatree from. I do this in part, because so many of you have experiences that I know I would benefit from hearing about – especially when it comes to planning the overland to oz adventure – so if you’re from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Taiwan, Russian Federation, New Zealand,  Malaysia, Sweden, Serbia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Czech Republic, Ireland, Serbia, Netherlands, South Africa, Kenya, Philippines, Italy, Finland, Malaysia, Germany, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Israel, Finland, Cyprus, Bahrain, Romania, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey, Singapore, or India (47 different countries!) or from somewhere else entirely, know that I value immensely that you read this post!


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Traveller. Scholar. Photographer. Writer. Dreamer. Teacher. Anna Blanch is founder of Goannatree, and a PhD candidate in the Institute of Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, Scotland. Overland to Oz is a crazy adventure marked with photos and word and inspired by the incredible women in Anna’s family, especially her late grandmother, whom she knew as Nan-Nan.

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