2012 in review: best posts of the year

by Anna Blanch on December 28, 2012

In thinking about quality over quantity I’ve come to see that I’ve probably been crowding out my better writing with some junk. So here are what I consider to be my 20 strongest posts of the year. Some of these may be new to you, if so, let me know what you think – comments from readers have really helped me to become a better communicator! And please share a post or two of your own writing, or something wonderful you’ve read this year!

Here they are:

A naked Theologian

Lest it all spills out

I’m an Inbetweener

Guilt and the writing of PhDs

I write because I must

I am a heretic

Before the Birds are Awake

Living in Between and the linguistic revelations of reverse culture shock

On being local all over the world

Call me a nomad

Ex-pat Baggage

Written in my Bones

Dream a little Dream

The Haar in the pit of my stomach

On snake Handling and the testing of God

The Art of Incompetence

Its a plane matter

On seeking church in a new place

I’ve been there: why most of us are just like jill meagher


I look forward to reading your favourite posts from 2012. please let me know of any good lists of posts you find too!


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