2012 in Review: by the Numbers

by Anna Blanch on December 28, 2012

I’ve been doing my own version of an annual review this week. I had found the Getting Things Done model for annual review helpful, but felt like it needed some more impetus to allow me to be creative. With some additional tweaks and a little help from reading all of Chris Guillebeau’s archival material on annual reviews, I developed a way of reviewing the previous year and dreaming about the next without feeling overwhelmed. It also helps, as Guillebeau encourages, to think about it on and off for about a week, preferably at a time where you can allow your body and brain to rest (this can be a physically draining and resetting kind of process).

I’ve been thinking about what went well and what didn’t, the goals I met, the adventures I had, and the ones that slipped out of my fingers, It’s been a time for reflecting on the relationships that are going well, and the ones that aren’t, and the disappointments and joys of the year.

2012 was a light year on the travel front, but still saw some fun adventures including substantial time on three different continents – Europe (UK), US, and Australia.

Countries Traveled in 2012:

Scotland, England, Singapore*, Thailand*, Australia, UAE,* USA, Hong Kong*

States of America Traveled in 2012:

California, Texas, Arizona*, Nevada, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia*

Cities travelled to in 2012:

St Andrews, Cambridge, Ely, London, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Newcastle, San Francisco, Ontario, CA; Modesto, Detroit, Atlanta, Grand Rapids, MI; Pueblo, Colorado; Bad Axe, MI; South Bend, IN;

Research Libraries Visits:

University of St Andrews, Cambridge University Libraries, British Library, Queensland State Library, University of Newcastle Library, Baylor Library.

I hope to be doing more travelling and visiting libraries over the next year!

Number of Blog Posts: 153
January: 19
February: 11
March: 28
April: 27
May: 19
June: 11
July: 9
August: 2
September: 10
October: 7
November: 0
December: 10

There are some changes in the works for 2013, but the most important is that I’m going to continue to focus more on quality than quantity, which actually means I’m going to be aiming for twice weekly posts here and once a week at www.NesbitLady.com and www.sistersinthesun.com

I really wish i’d kept better track of the number of flights taken and trains taken, but i didn’t. That’s definitely a metric i plan to track next year! Equally, i’m planning on keeping better track of the number of guest posts, articles, etc and number of words written for publication in 2013. I find these numbers do show me where I’m placing my focus and energies (if nothing else).

I’ve begun the process of thinking about what I’d like 2013 to hold, and the areas I’d like to focus on, and the things I’d like to accomplish. It’s scary, and exciting, all at the same time!

Just the way I like it!

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