glimpses of grace in the “daily” life

by Anna Blanch on June 1, 2012

There’s something about talking about the Trinity, and the three persons of the Trinity, and whether they are of the same essence or substance, while washing and drying the dishes that just seems right. It is a conversation which would make Katherine Norris proud.

Let us Remember that the life in which we ought to be interested in “daily” life. We can, each of us, only call the present time our own…Our Lord tells us to pray for today, and so he prevents us from tormenting ourselves about tomorrow. It is as if [God] were to say to us:”[It is I] who gives you this day [and] will also give you what you need for this day. [It is I] who makes the sun to rise. [It is ] who scatters the darkness of night and reveals to you the rays of sun.”  — Gregory of Nyssa On the Lord’s Prayer

Grace in “daily” life is a curious thing.

This morning — I hope you didn’t notice — the site was down for about 5 hours. It appears to be a point of miscommunication within my hosting service, but it was troubling. But systems are not always well designed and people make mistakes and grace is needed.

Yesterday, I met with my supervisors to discuss the first four chapters of the thesis. It was helpful and laughter-filled: mostly at my use of the word, shimmering. Yes, laugh at me if you like – I used the word shimmering.Now, a moment’s silence if you will, because shimmering isn’t going to make it through the next round of edits, neither is my use of the scientifically laden term ‘demonstrates’ – I’m aiming for tentative critical practice here – or my rhetorically flowery ‘speaks to.’

Yes, grace is a many coloured thing, indeed.

I sometimes find my emotions put me in the way of it. When I need it most, that is when I am often most blind to it. Equally, when I am most wrapped up in my own hurt or needs or desires and others don’t fulfill the need for right relationship as I perceive of it, that’s when I most need to give grace to others. It is a strange paradox of sorts.

I have been the guest in the home of friends for 10 days now. They are kind and lovely and we’ve had many philosophical and theological and heartfelt conversations about faith. They have shown grace to me.  They have given me a gift in being able to stay with them as I work long hours, and struggle with a (hopefully the final) jaw infection. They’ve listened and advised in the midst of teary encounters….yes, I am a house guest who’s been known to cry over difficult conversations and ‘spillt’ emails.

There are glimpses of grace in the intermittent contact with friends, the acceptance of different hearts and thoughts. The willingness to hear doubts and hope for a shared future. There are glimpses of grace is the surprises of relationship – in the miscommunications. It is a wonder we ever understand each other at all.

So be patient with me (if you would) and yourselves, as I (and we) learn day by day what it means to show grace to you, my friend.

I am now under the translucent cloak of grace — oh and how beautiful — but I am not yet perfected.

That the Lord God may teach me his grace and fill my heart with it.

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