I run because I can

by Anna Blanch on April 1, 2012

While I write because I must, I run because I can.

I run because I can.

I’m not a ‘runner’ – not in the sense that I know people who must run.I much prefer team sports or a hard cardio/weights workout.

To be frank, I find distances longer than 3 miles (5km) boring.Unless I’m running in a race.

That being said, I can always run further and for longer when I have my green ipod nano pumping out some music. Preferably music where I can’t hear the sound of my breath and where I can keep pace with the beat of the tunes…or a marines cadence or two.

I run because for quite a long while there (almost 8 long years) I couldn’t run whenever I wanted. In fact, I couldn’t do anything without pain. I’ve alluded to this before and even earlier.There were months, years even, where walking more than 50m was more than I could handle. When I needed the physical support of a friend to get from the car to the house.

Remember where I asserted that I wasn’t a superhero anymore (or at least a little less of a superhero)?

The miracle that is waking up each day not in pain is something I still rejoice over. In the early days I realised multiple times a day that the pain wasn’t there any more. Now, it is on particular days or when a friend notices me able to do something I wasn’t able to for so long, that I find myself so thankful.

running for me is an act of thankfulness. It is out of joy that I can.

It is why races, even short 5k or 10k races, are something I like to do a couple of times a year.

They remind me of the days where I couldn’t walk or move without pain.

They remind me that life is for relishing.

They remind me to be thankful.

They remind me to smile!


This isn’t April fool’s prank. I’m running the Hill2Harbour 10k race today in Newcastle. At least, i’m going to try to run the whole thing! In any case, I will finish!

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