My word for 2012

by Anna Blanch on January 9, 2012

If I had to choose a word for 2011 in hindsight, it would probably be Tough.

Tough tears

Tough times

Tough talk

hanging Tough

Toughing it out.

My last social media words for 2011 were these.

i’m ready to leave 2011 behind. It’s been one of the toughest years of my life. and i miss my grandmother alot. *big deep breath*

closely followed by

I’m excited for 2012. It will be a year of endings and beginnings! I will celebrate with hope and thankfulness! I’m so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family!

And so it will be. Quite a few of my friends in a similar stage of their phd’s have commented that 2012 will herald the addition of Dr. to their names. That change, superficial though it may be, doesn’t seem quite real to me yet.

I started out by mindmapping some words that came to mind – but nothing seemed to hint at the balance of hope, work, anticipation, delight, and peace. I read the beginning of Luke in the message translation and then I left it for a few hours. It was in that moment just before sleep, a moment in which I often speak in the stillness of my mind the last prayers of my day that it came and it was perfect:


relish [ˈrɛlɪʃ]

  1. to savour or enjoy (an experience) to the full
  2. liking or enjoyment, as of something eaten or experienced (esp in the phrase with relish)
  3. to anticipate eagerly; look forward to; liking or enjoyment, as of something eaten or experienced (esp in the phrase with relish)
  4. to enjoy the taste or flavour of (food, etc.); savour
  5. (Cookery) to give appetizing taste or flavour to (food), by or as if by the addition of pickles or spices; added to a main dish to enhance its flavour; to give spice to.
  6. To have a pleasing or distinctive taste.
  7. a zestful trace or touch; ‘there was a certain relish in all her writing’
Its derivation is perfect too!

[Alteration of Middle English reles, taste, from Old French, something remaining, from relaissier, to leave behind; see release.]

What’s your word of 2012?

sources: Free Dictionary;

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