pondering what it is to be known.

by Anna Blanch on June 5, 2012

I’m rolling down the tracks away from Scotland as I type. The coast of fife and the forth and soon newcastle and beyond will be on my left.

My heart is full today.

I left wonderful friends in Scotland — chubby cheeked happy babies, lovely and brilliant friends who won’t just change the world in the future but are doing their best to serve the community around them now in tangible ways. I left a town of much history, both in real world terms and for me personally.

The past 2 years and 8 months living in Scotland has changed me. For the better

I have been fortunate to find community there of such breadth that I began to truly know and accept what it meant to be myself.

A friend reminded me on monday morning, that I was to reassured, if nothing else, that I am known.

What is it to be known?

This kind of reflection feels appropriate in a time of transition — but also, maybe, will help me understand what kind of communities to seek out in the future as I move on from Scotland. I won’t of course feel like it is actually good bye till I am back again at the end of the summer and until my PhD concludes finally.

So, what does it mean to be known?

I think what my friend meant was wrapped up in the next part of what she said.

That there are people among whom I do not need to ever feel I need to prove myself. That I can come as I am, freely.

There’s something special about not just being told that you are known, but actually in feeling known. It isn’t as much from words as it is in the living around about each other in relationship. Those that may live with you for the longest may not actually know you well at all. aye, they might know your habits, your likes and dislikes, and your quirks, but they may not be people with whom you feel able to just be.

A relationship of peace and comfort and hope is essential to be known.

I’m still trying to figure out what it means, this being known business. But, I know that it is an uncommon thing.

Do you feel known by God?

What do you think it means, to be known?

ps: though it may deserve a post of its very own, I did want to share that I have sent off a draft of my final substantive chapter to my supervisors today. It seems I have a draft of each of the chapters. There should be marching bands and fireworks. There’s not. because a PhD doesn’t work like that. I’m just happy that I will have four blissful days off with people who will rejoice with me and who will understand my unquenchable thirst for rest, fun, and laughter….

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