Purple Day

by Anna Blanch on January 7, 2012

Today is purple day.

A year today. 7 January.

My heart is raw. And I know I’m not the only one.

Her life anchored a family.

I found some of the letters she had written me yesterday.

I came upon them accidentally.

In these I read her heart. Her love for her family – for me – and her sense of humour.

In them I feel her sense of adventure. The same sense I ‘ve inherited.

I feel her certainty, her doubt, her hope, her fears.

They break my heart and fill me with joy at the same time.

inexplicably. hopefully.

My grandmother’s prayer is now my own

God grant me the strength for what is necessary.

Today is purple day.

i miss you nan nan.

This is also my life unmasked post for this week.

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