Things I won’t miss about Scotland & things I will miss about Scotland

by Anna Blanch on March 5, 2012

In two weeks I’ll be leaving the cottage-by-the-sea and flying out to Australia.

This is a list. Things I will miss. Things I will not.

This list is likely to be considered superficial. That’s okay. It’s my list.

It’s not earth shattering;  it is, however,  cathartic.

Things I will miss

  1. I will miss my church community.
  2. I will miss the array of fresh seafood (including mussels) available.
  3. I will miss living two blocks from the north sea.
  4. I will miss the cottage-by-the-sea.
  5. The pink sunsets.
  6. my running path along the fife coast.
  7. random conversations with scottish taxi drivers and my fellow bus travellers.
  8. the train ride along the fife coast.

Things I won’t miss

  1.  I will not be disappointed not to look at those brown pebbled buildings everyday. They might be functional, but they are ugly! I like my buildings with some aesthetic charm – the old stone ones in Scotland are lovely though (and i’ll miss those).
  2. the inability to find a decent cup of coffee.
  3. the lack of anything resembling customer service.
  4. the weather.
  5. being on the opposite side of the world from my family for months at a stretch.
  6. the university library.
  7. not being understood or being asked if I’m American at least twice a week (let me see whether i still get this in Australia….)
  8. the lack of sun.

Things I’ll reminisce about

  1.  Cooking sessions with Katharina (from Tea, Cake, Sandwiches)
  2. The cravat wearing, monocle doffing, tails wearing undergrads who bring a little bizarity into my St Andrean days.
  3. swimming in the north sea. A literally once in a lifetime affair.
  4. Catching trains in Scotland and the beautiful landscape.
  5. The cottage by the sea.
  6. The strange, fun, and sheer pretentiousness of the University traditions.
  7. sharing meals with my St Andrews friends and church family.
  8. the sea haars rolling in within 30 minutes and not being able to see across the street for the fog.


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  • Chris Hall

    Have a great time in Australia.  Is this a visit or are you going back for good?

    • Goannatree

      Australia will be my base. I’ll be travelling quite alot over the rest of this year and next though including quite a bit of time back in the UK

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