A summer of #project333: observations from a travelling academic

by Anna Blanch on October 1, 2012

Right now I’m taking a break from #project333.

I’m enjoying having all of my clothes at my disposal – including those i boxed up for the original #project333 challenge back in January.

But while traveling from March to September, I had a capsule wardrobe of just 33 items. I spoke at conferences, spent time in libraries, hiked, played volleyball, and dealt with the meteorological vicissitudes of three continents and it all worked pretty well. I divested myself of a couple of items that failed to serve their purpose, one pair of jeans had a zip failure for example.

I purchased a new purple v neck t shirt, one pair of blue jeans, one black and white polka dot top, one pair of slip on shoes (like TOMS), and one pair of flip-flops, after the pair of sandals I was traveling with broke. I didn’t carry the flip-flops on with me however as I knew I wouldn’t have a use for them in Scotland.

It was an interesting exercise realising that shoes need to be chosen carefully, as the right pair of sandals can be worn with the dressiest or most casual outfits.

It took some creativity in a few situations to feel that I was dressed appropriately.

There is also the old chestnut of boredom. I did find myself wishing for a little variety, yet at the same time it was enlightening to realise that there were some outfits that I barely wore, though I did wear every item at least once!

The best part was being able to travel internationally with just cabin bags!

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