#AcWriMo is here again!

by Anna Blanch on October 31, 2012

Tomorrow heralds the beginning of November and the second annual #AcBoWriMo! This year it’s the most generally named #AcWriMo (which also makes for a much shorter hashtag)!

After three years of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month), I threw my lot in with Academic Book Writing month in 2011 (AcBoWriMo) and attempted to give my PhD a good shake. A year on and I’m trying edit and rewrite the last couple of chapters. It feels like it will never end….

But now for something more positive.

Charlotte from PhDtoPublished is again heading up the team of encouragers/participants!

Here are my posts from last year if you’d like more information (and want to participate)!

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Goals for this year’s #AcWriMo!

  • Edit all 80,000 words of my doctoral thesis draft. That’s 2,666 words per day for the month of November.
  • Clarify my research agenda so that I include writing for popular audiences as well as my ideas for scholarly articles, research, and monographs. It’s time not to be so bifurcated in the planning phases! I’m hoping this will help me better judge how full my schedule is and what I can say yes (and no) to without becoming overloaded or without missing deadlines!
  • Post an update on #AcBoWriMo progress each Friday. I’m keen to include other posts from participants of AcBoWrMo so feel free to share links to your posts in the comments and i’ll put together a blog carnival post or two!

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