List: #project333 for the grad student

by Anna Blanch on January 12, 2012

Today is the second part of my #project333 for the grad student set-up. In the first post I explained the project, in this one, I share my list,

The rules are simple. 33 items for 3 months. more details here. Let me remind us of the process:

  • Take inventory. [I detailed this process in the first post]. Think through your schedule and likely activities over the next three months. But remember this isn’t punishment, you’re not expected to be able to calculate for every eventuality.
  • Make a list on paper of the 33 items in your wardrobe for the next 3 months. If you’re anything like me, It is here you have to make both difficult decisions and realise that some of the clothes in your ‘love’ pile are in disrepair or no long fit you well. I’m sure that like me, graduate school has not been kind to your wardrobe – priorities change when there is very little money for such things.
  • Consider signature items. Project333 recommends a trench coat or pair of boots or  sunglasses. Your climate and lifestyle will be part of the determining factor on this. I just don’t wear sunglasses in Scotland. It’s bright enough for them about 2 weeks a year.
  • Choose three additional items and put them aside in your closet. You may rotate these items in during the next three months, but three other items have to rotated out, and donated.

So here’s my list of 33 items:

  1. Down vest with detachable hood.
  2. Red long coat
  3. Blue long coat
  4. Weatherproof hiking jacket
  5. black jeans
  6. blue jeans
  7. dine check slacks
  8. brown w/pinstripe winter weight slacks
  9. brown w/ tweed inter weight slacks
  10. blue ‘chagall skirt’
  11. BCBG navy and white skirt
  12. black knee length skirt
  13. Maroon structural l/s top
  14. blue and white pinstripe blouse
  15. cream blouse
  16. blue cardigan
  17. dusk cotton over-top
  18. leather jacket
  19. blue tailored blazer
  20. black belt
  21. tree cami top
  22. puple cami top (usually worn under 21. but sometimes alone)
  23. Grey l/s dress
  24. black l/s top
  25. purple silk top
  26. black beaded top
  27. blue and black patterned dress
  28. brown boots
  29. black flats
  30. brown flats
  31. Black heels
  32. Scarves (I’ll explain this departure in my next post).
  33. Jewellery

My three additional items that I can rotate in and out are:

  1. Paisley wellies
  2. red capped sleeve top
  3. ?

Your list will likely look very different to mine. This is about a combination of common sense and a decision to see if I can. Limiting choice is a good way to be thinking about other things, and in this final run-down to finishing the thesis I have plenty of other things to be working on and thinking about. Also, I’m not teaching in the upcoming semester. so my choices have been influenced by that too. A teaching wardrobe is slightly different from my writing, meeting, rest of life wardrobe. However, I do have clothes in this list suitable for conferences and interviews.

In the next post, I’ll share some observations about the unintended impact on #project333.


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