Unintended impact of #project333

by Anna Blanch on January 14, 2012

Today is the third part of my #project333 for the grad student set up. In the first post I explained the project, in the second, I shared my list, and today, I share some observations about #project333.


scarves and tights

I wouldn’t say I have a scarf-problem but I would say that I realised that I use scarves and tights to change things up. Consequently, I decided not to include these as more than one item in my list. Technically, tights aren’t included anyway, but I’ve decided that scarves will count as one item this go around. My concession is that I halved the number of scarves in the pile and made some tough decisions in the process. Tough being relative of course;  We are only talking about clothes.

Clothes to buy list

I was also able to revise my list of Clothes to Buy. This is a list I came up with a couple of years to make sure that I bought only the things Iidentified I actually needed during sales. It has had the great effect of enabling me to build some core pieces into my wardrobe and add a couple of trend items (like scarves or funky jewellery). I’m no great satorialist, but it does make sense to me to wear clothes that fit well on me and which are in good repair, and which I actually feel good wearing.

Workout Clothes

These don’t count according to the original project333 rules, but I had to acknowledge that I had a workout clothes blowout – i had more of these than clothes that I would classify as smart-ish casual. I didn’t include these in the project333 item list but I did decide to get this down too. I put a couple of items in the giveaway bag, and the rest i packed away. The reality is, is that Scotland is cold and I can’t wear alot of them here anyway, but I will wear them to workout when I’m back in Australia, so I’ve boxed them up.

Seasonal wardrobes

I think I finally understand how a seasonal wardrobe might work. I’ve often thought that I didn’t have many clothes, but the reality is, I had to cut my wardrobe by half in order to participate in this project. I have more than enough.I’ve never had a problem with hand-me-downs or pulling my own clothes out of storage, so maybe this is an opportunity for a personal shopping spree in my own wardrobe once every three months, keeping a careful eye on my ‘clothes to buy’ list so that I can invest wisely in items I really like that fit with my work and life then.

There are certain items that I do wear, but wear only on special occasions. It makes sense not to keep these in my everyday closet but to store them carefully to be worn when the situation arises.


I realised that I’ve never sat down and really thought about what I like aesthetically, when it comes to my own wardrobe, and when it comes to how I see myself professionally and in relation to my values (how i see the world and how I want to interact with it). I absorbed the principle early that investing in classic design that lasts, with an emphasis on the lasting part. I think i’ve worked on a false economy that I was being wasteful if I let go of pieces that still fit well that have done me good service because they are on the tired side. I can see how #project333 might allow me to think carefully about key/core pieces that I can build an aesthetic style around. Needless to say, you might find my #project333 posts may add a little inspiration board and outfits responding to those inspirations.

Before and After

Finally, some before and after shots:

Remember my before shot?

Here is the After!



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