Home Libraries: Neil Gaiman

by Anna Blanch on May 18, 2013

Here’s what contemporary author Neil Gaiman said about his enviable, Mark Twain style writing gazebo in the book Shedworking:

“I had the gazebo built about 15 years ago, and go through phases of using it, and then I’ll abandon it for 5 years, then rediscover it with delight. I love walking to the bottom of the garden, and settling down to write.

Nothing ever happens down there. I can look out of the window and some wildlife will occasionally look back, but mostly it’s just trees, and they are only so interesting for so long, so I get back to writing, very happily.

There are heaters down there, because it gets cold here in winter, and blankets on the chairs, ditto, and I have to try and remember not to leave bottles of ink on the table as they freeze. It’s just out of reach of the house Wifi, too, which is a good thing.”

And here’s an inside view

I love the gazebo idea! Cozy, with great views (and room for a dog) – what more could you want?!

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