Home Libraries: Norman Mailer

by Anna Blanch on May 12, 2013

 So this week’s home library is a corker! Meet Norman Mailer’s whole house!

Photo Source

Norman Mailer’s apartment did not have a dedicated library; rather, the whole apartment was a library, with bookshelves sitting against many of the walls and volumes stacked hither and thither. Seen here as it looked a few years after his death, the Mailer-designed apartment has a nautical theme, complete with galley-like rooms and gangplank style walkways that lead to loft areas. Mailer designed the apartment partly to conquer his vertigo, and in his younger years, he hung a hammock between the rafters, a trapeze from the ceilings, and rope ladders from the different levels.

While this nook was Mailer’s study, he actually did not do any writing at home. To get away from distractions, he would write in a small, undecorated room down the block from his apartment.

I am huge fan of those built in to the gaps between the studs bookshelves!

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