Overland to Oz: Chisinau, Moldova to Moscow

by Anna Blanch on March 9, 2013

Thanks for the suggestions and feedback on my last planning post. I always welcome your advice and suggestions. One of the cool things about Goannatree’s international readership is connecting with people in so many countries. In the last week, this blog has been read in:

Cambodia, Mexico, Yemen, Chile, Serbia, Spain, Norway, Islamic Republic of Iran, Belarus, Ghana, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Norway, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, Russian Federation, Germany, Philipines, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

This week’s planning post is about the stage of the journey from Chisinau, Moldova to Moscow.

I’ve been reading that Chisinau’s new train station is as modern as any in Western Europe; it is reportedly clean, efficient, with groovy fish tanks and friendly clerks. I’m sure there will be photographs of these groovy ticket counters in good time!

For my own use later, I’m going to note that Ticket counters 13, 14 and 15 are for international destinations, and counter 12 is for destinations within Moldova and the CIS.

International trains from Chisinau include three daily to Moscow ($55; and take 28 to 33 hours).

The video below shows a moving train on the Chisinau -Moscova route which runs every day.

The train runs from Chisinau, Moldova from the main train station and arrives at Moscow station Kievskaia, passing Ukraine (also known as Ucraina). The journey takes about 27 hours.

The train has 17 cars, one of which is the restaurant car.

See also this webpage.

I’ve just updated the Overland to Oz page listing all the itinerary overview posts and some asides! It’s pack full of planning goodness!

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