Trains and happy places

by Anna Blanch on January 4, 2013

And so the year is barely four days old and I’m on my first train for the year!

I’m heading home for a weekend with family celebrating some pretty spectacular milestones and the fours hours on the train stretches out before me.

With a USB I’m internet enabled and am getting some emails answered and some writing down as I trundle north along the tracks. While this landscape may not take my breath away quite like the wonder of the west of Scotland or the segment between Edinburgh and St Andrews, this land that moves outside my large window evokes something else. It evokes a feeling of familiarity, a feeling of moving ever close to a place that feels like home.

I like it when the low hum of conversations meld with the low rumble of the train wheels and the sound of the engine. I try to find the eccentricities of those around me as things to observe and then let go. Like the older man who really did think only he was listening to his 60s rock through his snazzy headphones rather than the entire carriage, or the parents struggling to contain their offspring, restless after being cooped up on the train for a few hours.

I always find myself a little pensive on trains. It’s like I give myself the freedom to take time to dream, to get as much or as little work done as works out. Or maybe it’s just that my attitude to travelling has become so zen-like. “mind like water” me! we;;, maybe only when i’m travelling….because i’m certainly dealing with my fair share of thesis related nightmares lately. Although i’m thinking they deserve their own post!

I feel a wry smile dance across my lips as I look out at the mountain ranges in the distance and the plains of the Upper Hunter. This is my happy place. Traveling is one of my happy places. But even more, now i feel the quiet anticipation of being home and being with my people.


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