My Story

by Anna Blanch on September 8, 2013

“You really should write it down.”

I’ve been told this over coffee, or after a lunch, or a car ride. On the beach, In a church, on a train.

They’d asked a question and had seemed to be genuinely asking and so had gotten a fragment of the story.

It’s long and convoluted. With lots of pain, and hospitals and more of sleepless nights, emesis basins and canulas. There’s bits about foreign lands and the kindness of strangers, And parts about hoity toity alabaman plantation owners, and gritty first generation australians, and even a little bout bootlegging. it’s also got angels and the wonderful beauty of friendship. Oh, and there’s a bit about god. That bit might make people happy or turn others away. But it’s there. It’s not going away.

When I finally had a space here in Australia where I could begin to unpack my life, I rediscovered my journals. Close to 8 or 9 years worth. Some are not worth talking about, but others provide some of the raw materials of beginning to tell this story – the observations of time when I didn’t ever think anyone would ever get to read even excerpts.

I wasn’t sure about it all. But in these journals I find a way in, a window into my own experience. It will Not be easy, i suspect. I am not looking forward to having to process all the emotions of those years, or to re experience to greatest of the pain again.but will I? We shall see.

I don’t know what it will look like. I don’t know if I’ll ever let anyone read it. But I hope it will be a first attempt. At my story.


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  • literaryworkshop

    I’ve got to hear about the Alabamans, at least.
    -Steve S.

    • Goannatree

      Yeah, that bit is unexpected!

  • Groundskeeper Willie

    Many people around the world actually experience true suffering and extreme hardship, yet they get on with their lives and are grateful for another day. They don’t feel the need to write vague “poor bugger me” blog entries to garner sympathy from psuedo friends who are merely online strangers, in order to gain validation. You want validation as a human being? Start behaving like one. Drop the lies. Drop the mask. Drop the two faced hypocritical attitude. Your self-indulgent skinny little white girl problems that you have brought on yourself are of no consequence to anyone who lives in the real world.

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