One Word for 2013

by Anna Blanch on January 3, 2013

One word. It’s  a tough ask on one level. How do you encaspulate your hopes and dreams for the year ahead in a single word? At first I hesitated because it seems limiting, but just like I see value in dreaming about the year ahead and laying out some priorities and projects i’d like to achieve as being a stepping off point rather than a set of boundaries, so too, my one word is a way of focusing.

My word for 2012 was Cherish, and my 2011 word was Tough.

My word for 2013 is re·solve  (r-zlv).

I was sitting on a train, thinking about the year ahead and the things that I felt did and did not go well in 2012, and Resolve began to develop as a theme in how I might handle my response, and my proactive posture, to these things for 2013.


For me the beauty of this word is that it has a couple of different meanings.

v. re·solved, re·solv·ing, re·solves

1. To make a firm decision about.
2. To cause (a person) to reach a decision.
3. To change or convert.
4. To find a solution to; solve.
5. to find an answer to
6. to make clear or understandable
7. To remove or dispel (doubts).
8. To bring to a usually successful conclusion.

I definitely have some things in my life that I’d like to bring to a successful conclusion – say PhD dissertation, “Bert”, are you listening? – and I have some other things I’d like to have made a firm decision about, or for others to make firm decisions so I know which doors are closed and which ones to walk through.

One of my motivations in writing for a range of audiences is to make myself clear and understandable and this will continue to be a goal this year, as will the idea of exploring doubt and questions! It’s also about resolving in the peace-making sense and like anyone I have relationships that need some peace-making…

I want this to be a year of resolving that which I have started, approaching life with a proactive resolve, being willing to question, hope, dream, plan, and execute.

I know this is a less than lyrical post. I did ponder making it more narrative, but for today, a straight-forward bones of the matter post is what is here. There will be lyricism ahead.

What’s your word for 2013? Feel free to link to your intro post (if you have one)!

Ps: my one word graphic is courtesy of the lovely, and incredibly efficient, Melanie of Only a Breath. If you take a look at this post you might even be able to get one of your own!

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