In the midst of life

by Anna Blanch on March 8, 2013

Life doesn’t stop while you’re writing, and sometimes you have to work in less than ideal circumstances or fit the dissertation in the nooks and crannies. I often marvel at the lives of my dissertating friends with babies. I have enough trouble trying to make it all work on my own. The dissertation places strain on all kinds of relationships, and on the writer’s mental and physical, and emotional health.

This is a team effort too, and a strong support structure is going to make the dissertation writing process marginally less painful and drawn out. You need cheerleaders, accountability partners, people to dream with, people to hug, people to have the occasional drink with, people who make you eat, exercise, sleep, and read and talk about something else.

People die. People are born. People get married. People get divorced. Relationships start. Relationships end. People grow up. (Some people never do).

Life happens. Is happening.

I’ve struggled to make time for relationships throughout this process and sometimes I’ve looked up and realised that I haven’t invested as I might have in having fun with friends. Fun is underrated. Time off is underrated.

I’ve been having trouble not feeling sorry for myself lately. And some of it may be understandable or warranted, but it’s also one of the reasons I’ve been a little quiet on sharing missives from under the Goanna tree.

I didn’t think anyone would want to read about the struggles (and there I go again).

But life is about moving forward, about continuing to seek relationship – with God and others – and about acknowledging that many very good things are very hard in the midst of it all. And that I do have much to be grateful for.

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