Guest Contributors

I’ve been glad to host the writing of some wonderful people. Talented, erudite and inspiring, every one!

I am open to considering guest posts here. Please send me an email to explaining what it is that you’d like to write about and why you think it would be a good fit for Goannatree.

Goannatree is an outpouring of my world, intellectual and relational. I want that community to extend to the readers and commenters. I am fortunate to know some talented, intelligent, thoughtful, and creative people. I like to share that joy by sharing the writings of these contributors on occasion. You can find out more about a contributor by clicking on their name and reading their profile.

** this page is undergoing some reconstruction ** Please be patient with me **

Preston Yancey

Dr. Rose Bexar

Sarah Czarnota

Richard Littledale

Cory Copeland

Dianna Anderson

Joy Bennett

Tamara Lunardo

Anna Drew

Kristina Edwards

Jordan Williams

Sarah Flashing

Hayley Matthews

LL Barkat

David Thomson

Kelsey Jones

Michael Sturdy


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