Upcoming Events

Below are some of the upcoming events, conferences, and talks where Anna will be speaking:

13-17 April 2012

Australasian Victorian Studies Association Conference, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

17-18 May 2012

A Brand of Fictional Magic: Reading Harry Potter as Literature, University of St Andrews, Scotland.

August 2012 (TBC)
Greenbelt Arts Festival; Cheltenham, UK

30 August – 1 September 2012 (TBC)

British Association of Victorian Studies, University of Sheffield, UK.

19-21 October 2012 (TBC)

International Society of Religion, Literature, and Culture, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

May-July 2013 (TBC)

Overland to Oz tour (a more specific list of talks, roundtable discussions etc will be forthcoming)

If you’d like to contact Anna about presenting her work or speaking on any of the topics you’ve seen here at Goannatree you can do so at goannatree@gmail.com. She is restricting herself to a lighter load at present due to being in the final stages of her PhD but there’s not harm in trying!