home librariesI like libraries. I have spent many many hours of my life in them, enjoying them, following rabbit trails and exploring their riches. I visit libraries. I work in libraries. I write about libraries.

Yeah, so. Libraries. Maybe i’ll run into you in one someday.


A Bookstore and Library in a Church

Libraries in churches

Grover takes on the old spice guy; or the sesame street meaning of ‘on’

Libraries: The Old Spice Guy becomes spokesman for the cause d’celeb of the Library

Libraries: a parody of the old spice guy

St Deiniol’s Library: A Haven for Research

Getting Caught in the Wash of a Jet Engine; or my unexpected itinerant life

The (non)idylls of February from the cushy armchair of March

The Rules; or what Gibbs has to do with Research.

Not all Reference Libraries are equal!

A Bookstore and Library in a Church

Trinity College, Cambridge

The Reference Section and Emerson

The Basic Guide to Libraries

Libraries aren’t just a fun curiousity for me, they are a place of work. For good or ill, libraries and the librarians who run them are places and people who’ve made or broken areas of research i’ve embarked upon! I’ve shared some of my Basics Guides elsewhere, but there are a few that are specifically library related!

Good Oil: The Basics of Research and the Academy

The Basics: Theology Journals

The Basics: Why Should You Seek to Publish?

The Basics: Essential Archival Research Kit

The Basics: Using Archival and Research Libraries

The Basics: Literature and Theology Journals and Indexes

Productivity Tools for Academics, Grad Students, and Scholars

Home Libraries

I’m also fascinated by home libraries, those of great authors and those of people like me, who just love being able to read their books in a lovely environment at home! I’m also living a little vicariously until I have a chance to make a home with a library!

Using Books for Home Decoration

Home libraries: George Washington

Home Libraries: Neil Gaiman

Home Libraries: Norman Mailer

Home Libraries: Ernest Hemingway

Home Libraries: Jay Walker

Home Libraries: Jack London

Home Libraries: Sherlock Holmes

Home Libraries: Arthur Conan Doyle

Home Libraries: Roald Dahl

Home Libraries: William Randolph Hearst

Home Libraries: William F Buckley

Home Libraries: Rudyard Kipling

Home Libraries: George Bernard Shaw

Home Library: Vita Sackville-West

Home Libraries: Andrew Carnegie

Home Libraries: The Joy of Books

Home Library: Art Gallery Style Inspiration

Home Library: Doors and Ladders

Home Library: Comfortable Creative Bliss

Home Library: A House made of Books

Home Library: Albert Mohler’s personal study

Libraries: Cosy, but Refined

Home Library: Library of the Human Imagination

Donald Judd’s library

Home Library: New York and a Ladder

Home Libraries: Voyuerism for the bibliophile

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