Poets, Poems, and God: Eugene Peterson, Jane Kenyon, and Wilmer Mills

April 19, 2012

Today I want to share a couple of interviews. The first is with Eugene Peterson, on Gerard Manley Hopkins, taking time to worship, and learning the fear of the Lord, the second is with John H. Timmerman author of Jane Kenyon: A Life, talks about how the late poet lived and worked and the third […]

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Yarning with an Artist: Christina Di Bona

April 13, 2012

She is young. But, don’t let age fool you, this woman is extremely talented. This week I’m yarning with contemporary portrait and abstraction artist, Christina Di Bona. Christina was featured in her first exhibition at the ripe old age of ourteen.Fast forward six years and her works are held in collections around the world; including […]

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April 6, 2012

It is finished.

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Making Spaces: an introduction to the arts scene in Newcastle with Renew Newcastle

April 4, 2012

Do you want to see your community revitalized? do you want to encourage the artists and creatives in your towns and cities? Would you like to see a model for turning vacant retail and commercial office space into vibrant contributions to your local economy and bring colour and life to otherwise depressed retail areas? Then […]

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Yarning with an Artist: Sally-Anne Whitten

March 30, 2012

This week it seems appropriate that i’m writing about a fellow Aussie.  Fellow Tamworth gal, (and clarinettist back in the day (yes, all the cool kids played clarinet in high school)), Sally-Anne Whitten has definitely moved on from back then. Now an award-winning singer songwriter, forget everything you thought you didn’t like about country music, […]

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You never know how you will be found

March 12, 2012

Search terms are funny things. It makes sense that Goannatree would be found by searches like: Imagination art C.S. Lewis scholarship home library library walls in your home with ladder theology and literature phd e nesbit song  “religion in the arts” meaning and a surprising number of searches for islamic libraries. others that make me […]

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I write because I must.

March 12, 2012

I like writing. I have days and weeks where I have to tear myself away from my moleskine or my laptop to eat. Sometimes it draws me back in whether I want it to or not. Like a siren with its calls. I write because I have to. I write because I must. Some days, […]

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Yarning with an Artist: Molly Ginnelly

March 2, 2012

  This week’s Yarning with an Artist is with contemporary jewellery maker, Molly Ginnelly. My friendship with Molly is a testament to how wonderful social media can be for getting to know the work of other artists. Even though Molly lives only a couple of hours away in another part of Scotland, we’ve never spent […]

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Ghosts of Steel: Creativity from the Ruins

February 10, 2012

Though I am familiar with the Hunter region as a consequence of spending some time there and Newcastle being a metropolitan city bigger than Tamworth (the region I’m from), I still have alot to learn. I don’t have rose-coloured glasses about the struggles that a post-industrial city faces. What is inspiring is the creativity that […]

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Yarning with an artist: Andy Mort @atlumschema

February 9, 2012

This week I’m yarning with Andy Mort. Andy Mort is a UK based musician and writer, also going by the moniker, Atlum Schema. I first met Andy at Greenbelt in 2011 when we were thrown onto the same panel talking about faith and creativity. He is funny and talented, and quite humble and I’m extremely […]

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