An Apartment in Paris


In 2010, I spent a summer in Paris.

I studied French and learned to love the city.

Before this summer i didn’t understand the fascination. My trips to Paris had always been short and i’d been left with the impression that this was a dirty, messy, smelly city. In short, I’d always secretly thought Paris was highly overrated. Yes, I said it. The city of love had left me cold and a bit well, underwhelmed.

On this trip, I lived in a cute studio apartment in bell ringing distance from Sacre Coeur in Montmatre. I lived between two metropolitan stations and I spent my time studying french, eating incredible food, challenging my own culinary limits and exploring the art galleries and museums of the city. I made friends with whom our only common language was French.

And in so doing, I fell a little bit in like with Paris. Nah, by the end of my time in Paris, I finally got it! Paris got under my skin.


Tres Bon mon ami, Paris! you won me over!
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An Appointment with Paris

Day 1-7: the baguette, the baby, and the crazy deutsch speaking Australienne

Street Art:: Mosner on Rue Ramey

Street Art: L’horloge de Saint Lazare

Transpositions Tuesday: Le Mur pour la Paix

Street Art: La Fayette Metro