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Things we say wrong

October 12, 2010

A brilliant video by the folks at Things we ought to know about the way we speak.

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Texas A&M Official Resigns Over Claims on Resume

June 21, 2010

via Inside Higher Ed Alexander Kemos has resigned as senior vice president of Texas A&M University after a reporter for The Bryan-College Station Eagle started asking questions about apparently false claims he made about his background, the Eagle reported. Among those claims: that he had been a Navy SEAL and that he had a doctorate […]

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Broadening our vocabulary: AP-style

June 19, 2010

We all joke about creating new words – but a friend of mine shared a list of ‘questionable’ additions to our vocabularies compiled after grading for the AP english exam this year which takes creating new words to a whole new level. And so, I share a list of words offered by students aspiring to […]

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Let’s play a game: It’s not Where’s Wally?, It’s Where’s Anna?

May 17, 2010

Yes, I dropped off the face of Goannatree for almost a month. No, it wasn’t something I’d carefully planned and thought about, except for the first week of it…after that, let’s just begin by blaming the happy coincidence of Eyjafjallajökull’s Volcano (you see Eyjafjallajökull is the name of the glacier the volcano is under not the […]

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When finding political "friends" leads to spiritual ruin…

April 9, 2010

I was greatly encouraged by this piece by Ben Bartlett over at Christ and Pop Culture titled: “The Enemy of my Enemy is not my friend”. I am encouraged not by the need for the article to be written but by the sentiment Ben expresses and his conclusions that there is a danger in foregrounding […]

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A closer look at Baylor’s new President: Judge Ken Starr

April 8, 2010

Ever since the announcement of Judge Ken Starr as Baylor’s new President there has been heated debate about the wisdom of the decision and speculation as to Starr’s suitability. Like others, my approach has been to cautiously welcome the decision. If nothing else Judge Starr is a brave man – the Baylor Presidency is a […]

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Speak with Conviction

March 29, 2010

Apart from the best use of “interrogative” I’ve heard in a long time, this reflection on the “aggressively inarticulate” state of current public debate is both sobering and heartening. This is “Speak With Conviction” Taylor Mali (Def Poetry) Season 2, Episode 3 (S02 E03) Original Air Date: 5 July 2002. Anna Blanch is founder of […]

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The Sweet 16 of Tough Graders

March 23, 2010

So continues this series of March Madness Posts where I bring you stories about Academic Performance and the “big dance” however tangential the relationship! This post is in honour of both the Baylor Bears and Lady Bears making it through to the Sweet Sixteen and Brittany Griner’s 14 blocks (count them) against Georgetown last night! […]

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Is receiving royalties as a result of assigning your own textbooks unethical?

March 18, 2010

 Today’s InsideHigherEd has a story titled “Professors Object to Tennessee Bill on Textbook Royalties” The Quick-take states: Faculty members in Tennessee are objecting to proposed legislation that would bar them from collecting royalties on their own books, if they assign them for their courses, The Tennessean reported. The professors say that they are entitled to […]

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A Petite Nun With a Large Presence: or, Xavier University’s MVP Sister Rose Ann Fleming

March 16, 2010

So, I’m following March Maddness from over here in Scotland. But with a twist – I’m looking at from the perspective of the Academic performance of the athletes. I wrote a post about the Academic Tournament yesterday and today I want to share with you the story of one faithful woman shepherding a team to […]

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