Why I celebrate Thanksgiving!

by Anna Blanch on November 25, 2010

For Americans, Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates survival of the pilgrims in the harsh climes of the New England. But it’s a holiday that, as an Australian expat, I have also come to appreciate and to celebrate. While the stories of pilgrims and Indians have little relevance to me, there is something about this […]

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After the night comes the morn: Things to be thankful for

by Anna Blanch on November 11, 2010

 In some ways this post may seem somewhat superficial. I’ve been thinking about those things i’m thankful for. I like approaching November and December as an opportunity for thanksgiving, being grateful, and turning my mind to preparations for Christmas. I bought my first Christmas present of the year yesterday, but more about preparing my heart, […]


 The first time Les Murray’s poem, “Church,” was published, in 2005, it was accompanied by an interview with the poet. Valentina Polukhina asked: “You are regarded as an eccentric Australian voice, a rural poet speaking for an urban culture, a Roman Catholic speaking for a largely secular people. Are you comfortable with such perceptions?”. In […]


Living here in St Andrews is a little different to the rest of Scotland – for one, noone notices my accent here, or at least accents are a dime a dozen and so noone comments on it. But, just like when i was in Texas, in the ol’ US of A even though the language […]


20th BIENNIAL CONGRESS OF IRSCL  4-8 JULY 2011 Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane, Australia Call for PapersChildren’s literature has always been responsive to the tenor of the times. Texts for children and young adults take up the social, political, and humanistic interests and ideologies of the past and present, as well as speculate about […]


Transposition Tuesday: Sport as a God?

by Anna Blanch on June 29, 2010

I’m now posting each Tuesday over at Transpositions. I started over there a couple of weeks ago, but the blog only went “live” this week. My fellow collaborators are a great bunch, with a wide range of different interests across the Arts and theology. It makes for an interesting and lively discussion. You can find […]


Poetry’s Print on my Heart.

by Anna Blanch on May 31, 2010

There’s something about words crafting images that have a way of causing those words to in turn wind themselves around your heart. T.S. Eliot consider poetry to be the only form where one can adequately (and then not even) explore the human relationship with God. Before Eliot’s time, earlier in the nineteenth century poetry itself […]


Need a holiday from your holiday?

by Anna Blanch on April 11, 2010

I leave Australia tomorrow to begin a drawn out journey back to Scotland (via the US). The weather here has been beautiful and a much welcomed respite from the Scottish winter.  I’ve struggled to take a mental as well as a physical break from work – and as such I’ve decided that apart from this […]


A picture is worth a thousand words; or Easter in Australia

April 7, 2010

I feel like pictures are better than words to explain my last few days. There’s nothing quite like working really hard to finish things so that you can take a break and enjoy life unencumbered by deadlines! I’ve been quiet the last week or so, except for sharing the wit of Taylor Mali on a […]

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Getting Caught in the Wash of a Jet Engine; or my unexpected itinerant life

March 16, 2010

When did my life become one in which I consider trans-atlantic and pan pacific flights at least semi-annually, have an unhealthy knowledge of American hub cities, get invited to Symposiums in Paris, apply for grants and bursaries and scholarships left and right, and actually travel to London, Cambridge and Oxford semi-regularly for research? Seriously. How […]

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