Home Library: Children’s Books as works of Art!

by Anna Blanch on February 25, 2011

= Children’s Books as a work of art! Image Credit.


Do you remember the old spice commercials and their parodies (including that great library one by the Old Spice Guy himself) I posted a while back? well, whether you do or you don’t, this is Grover (and Sesame  Street) parodying the old spice guy. It is hilarious….and shows, yet again, that the true wonder of […]


10 Suggestions for keeping Children Safe Online

by Anna Blanch on July 28, 2010

Steve Kryger wrote this interesting and compelling post about the current debate in Australia about introducing an ISP filter to block questionable material. Titled Keeping Kids Safe Cannot Be Outsourced, amongst a persuasively written article he offers 10 tips for parents who want to be involved in protecting their children in the current online world. […]

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IRSCL 2013 to be held in the Netherlands

by Anna Blanch on July 22, 2010

The International Research Society for Children’s Literature Board has accepted the proposal of Lies Wesseling (University of Maastricht) to hold the 2013 Congress in Maastricht. Dates and details will be confirmed over the next few months. The Maastricht congress will be the first in the Netherlands and will highlight the strong research in children’s literature […]


20th BIENNIAL CONGRESS OF IRSCL  4-8 JULY 2011 Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane, Australia Call for PapersChildren’s literature has always been responsive to the tenor of the times. Texts for children and young adults take up the social, political, and humanistic interests and ideologies of the past and present, as well as speculate about […]


Adaptation of Canonical Texts in Children’s Literature  Call for Papers – Symposium Ghent University, Belgium 20-21 January 2011 Adaptations have always played an important role in the field of children’s literature. During this symposium, we want to explore the relationship between the status of the source text and the act of adaptation, in general and […]


 (Re)reading Classics in Children’s Literature4th Children’s Literature Association of India (CLAI) International Conference Bharatmatha College, Thrikkakara-Cochin, Kerala, 19-21 November 2010 Keynote Speaker: Professor Alida Allison, San Diego State University. DescriptionThink of reading your favorite childhood books again… The Panchatantra, the Ramayana, The Mahabarata; Aesop’s Fables, Little Women, Alice in Wonderland, the Oz books: we all […]


Below you will find details of a open position for a Lecturer in Children’s Literature at Trinity College Dublin, This position is a 4 year fixed term contract. I look forward to seeing who is appointed.I also find it interesting that plans are afoot for an MA and Mphil program in Children’s Literature to be […]


Tim Burton set to make his version of "Sleeping Beauty"

May 27, 2010

While I admired Burton’s shying away from the classic Disney princess models, which frankly serve often to reinforce societal stereotypes of superficial beauty, wealth and privilege, I haven’t been a big fan of his remake of Alice in Wonderland et al. However, even I can’t deny that others have been enamoured and buoyed by the […]

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Thomas the Tank Engine as a vehicle for Ideology?

February 15, 2010

It is not difficult to imagine a mum sitting next to her three year old son and watching Thomas the Tank Engine. But when you’re Canadian Political Scientist apparently the research side of your brain doesn’t switch off… Professor Shauna Wilton, department of political sciences at Alberta University, Canada, found that the show does portray […]

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