A Street Idyll

by Anna Blanch on April 23, 2011

WIND-SHAKEN lilies, silver – belled and sweet. Pearls floating down the dusty London street; Embodied dreams, a resurrection bright Of some forgone, forgotten, lost delight! Who drew them from their dusky, cool retreat, Where they could hear the Spring’s first pulses beat In deep green woods, or by the silvery gleam Of some slow rippling, […]


Before Summer

by Anna Blanch on April 21, 2011

This is a Caris Brooke poem. Caris Brooke was the psudeonym used by Saretta Green, E.Nesbit’s half sister. It was originally published in a collection titled EasterTide published in 1888 by E.P.Dutton. BEFORE SUMMER. A GOLDEN halo floats above the hills,And Spring hath touched the crisp brown woods below,The cuckoo loudly calls, and birds build […]


An Easter Dream

by Anna Blanch on April 18, 2011

  An Easter Dream is a poem by Caris Brooke, a pseudonym of Saretta Green,  the half sister of E.Nesbit.  An Easter Dream THE Easter flowers all freshly bloomedTo grace my dear Lord’s feast;And where the guests so thickly throngedI stood, the last and least. For here were gathered offerings sweet,From wood and garden fair.And […]


An Easter Offering

by Anna Blanch on April 17, 2011

  Caris Brooke was a psuedonym used by E.Nesbit’s elder half-sister, Saretta Green. This is a poem from the Easter-tide collection from 1888. It was a collection published by E.P Dutton.  DEAR Lord I have no Easter flowers to bring, No roses fresh, nor lilies dewy sweet,Yet still one offering I may gladly bear And […]


The Better Part

by Anna Blanch on March 12, 2011

 This is the earliest publication of this Nesbit poem, “The Better Part” which was included in many of her later collections. The 1888 collection, titled Easter-tide was published by E.P. Dutton. The Better Part ‘TIS weary treading every day The same dull dreary up-hill way,While the ideals we deem divineSo fair and far above us […]


A Caris Brooke Poem: Then and Now

by Anna Blanch on March 11, 2011

Then and Now OH the beautiful breathing earth,Clad in purple and decked with gold,Oh the wealth of blossom ! the song of birds,The love that was told and untold!Oh the madness of Summer everywhere.In the still rapt sky and the wooing air.And we who were nothing, only a partOf the throbbing passionate mother-heart!Oh the bitter […]

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Caris Brooke Poem: Quand Meme (1888)

by Anna Blanch on March 8, 2011

Caris Brooke was the pseudonym of Saretta Green, E.Nesbit’s half sister.This poem was published as part of Nesbit’ Easter-tide collection of 1888 published by E.P. Dutton. QUAND MEME.EXULTANT in the gray uncertain light,Out of a dream the bird-voice seemed to break,As if it came from woods and fields of home, — Proclaiming, “Spring is here. […]



by Anna Blanch on March 6, 2011

Rondeau was first published in  Nesbit’s 1888 collection, titled Easter-tide, published by E.P. Dutton. RONDEAU. LONG ago when youth was gay,We two dreamed our hfe shoidd growLike two flowers in one sweet May—And we told each other so.You are gone. Time’s fingers grayBehind my eyes with showered snow,Youth and hope seem far away —Long ago.Yet the […]


Caris Brooke’s Yesterday

March 4, 2011

I’ve been sharing a few poems by Caris Brooke lately. Caris Brooke was a moderately successful poet in the 1880’s publishing a number of small decorative poems. As far as I can tell, the only collection in which Caris Brooke’s work is included, is the 1888 Eastertide collection by E.Nesbit, in which Brooke appears as […]

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E.Nesbit poem: To a picture by Giovanni Bellini (1888)

March 1, 2011

  To A picture by Giovanni Bellini E.Nesbit DEAR Lady, In whose I see, All that I would and cannot be,Let thy pure light for ever shine.Though dimly, through this life of mine ! Though what I dream, and what I do.In prayer’s despite are always two,Light me, through a maze of deeds undone,O thou […]

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