June 7, 2010

A SILENT room gray with a dusty blightOf loneliness;A room with not enough of life or lightIts form to dress.Books enough though ! The groaning sofa bearsA goodly storeBooks on the window-seat, and on the chairs,And on the floor.Books of all sorts of soul, all sorts of age,All sorts of faceBlack-letter, vellum, and the flimsy […]

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E.Nesbit around the Interwebs

May 26, 2010

Here’s a round-up of recent articles and sites on Nesbit related topics: Railway Children to be performed at Waterloo Station: July – October 2010 – GoannatreeDetails of the production to be held in London this summer, including how to buy tickets and dates. Summer Reading: 52 books for the Hols – Sherry – Nesbit is […]

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Railway Children to be performed at Waterloo Station: July – October 2010

May 25, 2010

A stage production of E.Nesbit’s much-loved The Railway Children will be performed over the summer in the former Eurostar terminal at Waterloo Station. Previewing from 4 July 2010, the show is currently booking until 4 September. Directed by Damian Cruden, Mike Kenny’s adaptation of E Nesbit’s novel will be performed in a specially created auditorium […]

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St Deiniol’s Library: A Haven for Research

May 17, 2010

After a week of research, reflection, and rest, my time at St Deiniol’s comes to an end this afternoon as I journey back to the east coast of Scotland and the wonders of the auld grey toon, St Andrews. __________________________________________________ St Deiniol’s Residential Library was founded in 1894 by William Ewart Gladstone in the little […]

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Indifference: G. A. Studdert Kennedy

April 8, 2010

Indifference G. A. Studdert Kennedy 1When Jesus came to Golgotha they hanged Him on a tree,2They drave great nails through hands and feet, and made a Calvary;3They crowned Him with a crown of thorns, red were His wounds and deep,4For those were crude and cruel days, and human flesh was cheap.5When Jesus came to Birmingham […]

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Defying Belief, Reinforcing Stereotypes, and Taking the Mickey: Conference Paper and Article Titles

February 26, 2010

I’m still on a paper/article/conference abstract writing kick. I’ve come up with two of the three paper titles I need but I was so into it, here’s a stack more! E.Nesbit, Railway Children, and The Savage: Negating Fictive Desire The Paralogical Negating The Oppressed: E.Nesbit, Railway Children and Homosociality Norming, (Re)reading, Processing: Corporeality in E.Nesbit […]

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PhD meet critical theory, theory meet my thesis; Good, now let’s get on with it.

February 19, 2010

I’ve decided that my theoretical approach to my thesis bears some resemblance to cooking steak. It’s like taking a piece of stewing steak (or even mutton, yep, the cheaper the better. And then taking lots of ingredients (fancy spices, sauces, some old faithfuls) and throwing them together with the meat. And Rubbing them in. After […]

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The Rules; or what Gibbs has to do with Research.

February 12, 2010

I’ve written elsewhere that I have a thing for triumph of the spirit movies, military movies, and crime fiction…. If you know me, or you’ve been hanging around Goannatree long enough, none of this will suprise you. Gibbs has his rules. I have mine. His are definitely more fun – but many of them also […]

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Research Question: What does this image on the back of the Neolith represent?

February 8, 2010

In the course of my research travels last week I was very encouraged to find a full copy of all four issues of Neolith, a periodical published in 1907-1908 by E.Nesbit, Graily Hewitt, F.Ernest Jackson, and G. Spencer Pryse.On the back cover of each issue is this logo/image. I’ve never seen anything like it and […]

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I’ve got so much to tell you!

February 4, 2010

So, for those who took notice (and i’m happy to say that’s way more than i thought would) I went missing in action for the last 5 weeks. Around Christmas I realised I needed to take a short break to get the rest of my non-blogging existence in order, and because I have been travelling […]

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