Two Women: Grandmotherly love

by Anna Blanch on February 20, 2011

I was reading this poem by E.Nesbit today and it tugged at something deep within me. It is from her 1886 collection Lays and Legends. TO TWO WOMEN.YOU who bore the pain and careOnly women have to bear,You who staked your life to winLife for me, to love you in,You who loved me all these […]


After the night comes the morn: Things to be thankful for

by Anna Blanch on November 11, 2010

 In some ways this post may seem somewhat superficial. I’ve been thinking about those things i’m thankful for. I like approaching November and December as an opportunity for thanksgiving, being grateful, and turning my mind to preparations for Christmas. I bought my first Christmas present of the year yesterday, but more about preparing my heart, […]


Photo of the Week: the Young Reader

by Anna Blanch on June 16, 2010

She’s started early – and I couldn’t be happier! My lovely sister sent me this photo of my neice, Mia, yesterday because she knew it would make me, the book-lover of the family, smile. Apparently, it is one of Miss Mia’s favourite things to do, to sit amongst her toys and read her books. How […]


Wives and Rantipoling: a marriage blessing.

by Anna Blanch on May 28, 2010

A ragamuffin husband and a rantipoling wife. We’ll fiddle and scrape it through the ups & downs of life. Or so William Gladstone wrote of his 60 year marriage. I couldn’t initially find a definition for “rantipoling” but i’ve been told that it teasingly invokes qualities of playfulness, capability, and joyfulness.   The photo above […]


Need a holiday from your holiday?

by Anna Blanch on April 11, 2010

I leave Australia tomorrow to begin a drawn out journey back to Scotland (via the US). The weather here has been beautiful and a much welcomed respite from the Scottish winter.  I’ve struggled to take a mental as well as a physical break from work – and as such I’ve decided that apart from this […]


I feel like pictures are better than words to explain my last few days. There’s nothing quite like working really hard to finish things so that you can take a break and enjoy life unencumbered by deadlines! I’ve been quiet the last week or so, except for sharing the wit of Taylor Mali on a […]


An Irish Blessing for St Patrick’s Day

by Anna Blanch on March 17, 2010

“May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back, may the rain fall soft upon your fields and the Sun shine warm upon your face, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand”  Happy St Patrick’s Day friends!


When did my life become one in which I consider trans-atlantic and pan pacific flights at least semi-annually, have an unhealthy knowledge of American hub cities, get invited to Symposiums in Paris, apply for grants and bursaries and scholarships left and right, and actually travel to London, Cambridge and Oxford semi-regularly for research? Seriously. How […]


When you just want to curl up into a ball…

February 10, 2010

A little dose of thankfulness makes the hard times a little easier to swallow. That’s what I decided after I abandoned the idea that it would be good for my mental health if I curled up with (soy) icecream and watched emotionally charged movies in order to precipitate the tears I was stopping from flowing. […]

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A little on Food and cultural identity

October 17, 2009

Two things reminded me today that I am not in Texas anymore. This morning I had baked beans on toast for breakfast. Their tomatoey sweetness and texture was like an old friend – one I haven’t seen for a while. I hadn’t eaten baked beans on toast for over two years. There is no coincidence […]

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