Why I celebrate Thanksgiving!

by Anna Blanch on November 25, 2010

For Americans, Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates survival of the pilgrims in the harsh climes of the New England. But it’s a holiday that, as an Australian expat, I have also come to appreciate and to celebrate. While the stories of pilgrims and Indians have little relevance to me, there is something about this […]

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After the night comes the morn: Things to be thankful for

by Anna Blanch on November 11, 2010

 In some ways this post may seem somewhat superficial. I’ve been thinking about those things i’m thankful for. I like approaching November and December as an opportunity for thanksgiving, being grateful, and turning my mind to preparations for Christmas. I bought my first Christmas present of the year yesterday, but more about preparing my heart, […]


Wives and Rantipoling: a marriage blessing.

by Anna Blanch on May 28, 2010

A ragamuffin husband and a rantipoling wife. We’ll fiddle and scrape it through the ups & downs of life. Or so William Gladstone wrote of his 60 year marriage. I couldn’t initially find a definition for “rantipoling” but i’ve been told that it teasingly invokes qualities of playfulness, capability, and joyfulness.   The photo above […]


Deep South of India meets Deep South of Dixie

by Anna Blanch on March 19, 2010

If you’re going to enter an ultimate wedding competition what better way to tell you love story than with a poem! I had the honor of doing an engagement photo shoot with Joanna and Drew after Christmas and I was pretty flattered that they used one of the shots from that shoot as part of […]


A Reflection on Friendship

by Anna Blanch on November 14, 2009

Seek not the favor of the multitude; it is seldom got by honest and lawful means. But seek the testimony of few; and number not voices, but weigh them. ~Immanuel Kant More often than not I find that the pep-talk i’ve just given one of my friends applies also to me. That’s the way it […]


Beauty, contemplation and a time of retreat

by Anna Blanch on November 7, 2009

This post was written while Goannatree was in hiatus in July 2009. Today, as I am in the highlands I thought I’d share with you my thoughts ________________________________   It is beautiful here. So peaceful. Surrounded by beauty, green leafiness, water, and shelves and shelves of books I feel like I can breathe. I’ve been […]


205th Post on Goannatree!

by Anna Blanch on September 20, 2009

I love to celebrate. You might have noticed this when i celebrated the 150th post on Goannatree not that long ago! If Television shows can do it, so can I! I have so much to be thankful for. Lots has changed for me of late! When i wrote the 150th post i was living in […]


Meme: 15 books in 15 minutes

by Anna Blanch on August 7, 2009

This is a meme going around on other social networking sites and I thought i’d bring it here. The idea is to share the titles and authors of 15 books that will stay with you, or have stayed with you. You are to write this list in less than 15 minutes. I tag L.L Barkat, […]


The sprit of the ANZAC: Tpr Donaldson honored with first Victorian Cross since 1969

January 26, 2009

They are not given out like Candy. In fact, even using such a glib comparison feels sacriligious. I am referring to the Victoria Cross, the highest Australian (and Commonwealth) military honor. It doesn’t just honor bravery or courage, but bravery or courage exhibited to save the life or lives of others in the face of […]

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Living while being a Graduate Student

January 9, 2009

Strangely enough, or not so much if you are one, LIVING can sometimes seem like something just out of your reach as a graduate Student. Existing feels more like what life looks like – enduring, persevering, struggling. So how we reconcile the demands on our time and energy with a big picture perspective… Hillary Lum […]

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