Hannah More

some words from Mrs Hannah More on politics and religion

by Anna Blanch on February 26, 2011

6On the whole, we need not hesitate to assert, that in the long course of events, nothing, that is morally wrong, can be politically right. Nothing, that is inequitable, can be finally successful. Nothing, that is contrary to religion, can be ultimately favourable to civil polity. Hannah More—- From Hints towards forming the character of […]


Sometimes I have moments where I realise that i am built to be a scholar. By that i mean, I get excited about things that the vast majority of the population wouldn’t even bat an eyelid over, or worse would roll their eyes, while I giddy with delight or with crazy smile chuckling (i never […]


On Hannah More and Speaking Truth to Power: Part 1

by Anna Blanch on January 12, 2009

In order for society to be evolving with positive ends it is always necessary for citizens to speak truth to power. Hannah More had some interesting friends. Some of them were very powerful. They were not powerful in the way many of the power brokers in today’s world, but as leaders in society, business, government, […]

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Quote of the Week: Hannah More on Education

by Anna Blanch on December 16, 2008

It is not so important to know everything as to appreciate what we learn. – Hannah More


It is easy to dis progress, to whine about the destruction of a slower life, to rail against the impositions of technology on our lives. Some of which I do like we all do.But, I have been thinking, lately, about how much I actually benefit from the technological advances of the last couple of decades. […]


This morning I marched. Not the clipped cadence of a march in formation or a raucous demonstration with signs and loud chants and cries, but a free flowing march in silence, prayer, and then progressively friendly smiles and chatter. I am not a big marcher – I have always avoided protests and I am not […]


Hannah More – Eighteenth Century Media Mogul

by Anna Blanch on June 25, 2008

In addition to the various subjects that motivate the many posts that find a home here at Goannatree I am always working on other projects. For the next 12 months or so I am embarking on a project looking at a series of tracts (think short pamphlets, about 10-12 pages long) published between 1795-1798 known […]