An Easter Dream

by Anna Blanch on April 18, 2011

  An Easter Dream is a poem by Caris Brooke, a pseudonym of Saretta Green,  the half sister of E.Nesbit.  An Easter Dream THE Easter flowers all freshly bloomedTo grace my dear Lord’s feast;And where the guests so thickly throngedI stood, the last and least. For here were gathered offerings sweet,From wood and garden fair.And […]


Why I celebrate Thanksgiving!

by Anna Blanch on November 25, 2010

For Americans, Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates survival of the pilgrims in the harsh climes of the New England. But it’s a holiday that, as an Australian expat, I have also come to appreciate and to celebrate. While the stories of pilgrims and Indians have little relevance to me, there is something about this […]

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Yes, I dropped off the face of Goannatree for almost a month. No, it wasn’t something I’d carefully planned and thought about, except for the first week of it…after that, let’s just begin by blaming the happy coincidence of Eyjafjallajökull’s Volcano (you see Eyjafjallajökull is the name of the glacier the volcano is under not the […]


Today I head south to spend Christmas in Kent. I am looking forward to the journey and to the destination. Five days of rest and merriment with friends sounds just like the right way to spend Christmas if it cannot be with family. This Christmas my immediate family is scattered across three continents. I think […]


Reflection: Dr Rose Bexar on Christmas

by Anna Blanch on December 22, 2009

This Christmas season I’ve asked some of the Guest Contributors to write a little about their own Christmas Traditions, especially in the context of the Theology and the Arts. Today I bring you Dr. Rose Bexar. You can find out more about Dr. Rose on her Contributor profile. You can take a look at some […]


The coded meaning of the 12 days of Christmas?

by Anna Blanch on December 19, 2009

At a Christmas party the other night a rowdy rendition of the Twelve days of christmas broke out, with a particular emphasis on (who knows why) five Golden Rings. After a discussion I remembered that I’d seen an interpretation of this song as a mnemonic of sort for foundational Christian theological ideas. Wikipedia doesn’t agree […]


Beauty, contemplation and a time of retreat

by Anna Blanch on November 7, 2009

This post was written while Goannatree was in hiatus in July 2009. Today, as I am in the highlands I thought I’d share with you my thoughts ________________________________   It is beautiful here. So peaceful. Surrounded by beauty, green leafiness, water, and shelves and shelves of books I feel like I can breathe. I’ve been […]


A reflection on why I don’t seem to enjoy Halloween

by Anna Blanch on November 1, 2009

Halloween is not my favourite holiday. When asked to list my favourite holiday it wouldn’t even be in the top 10. Actually, I am not sure it would even occur to me for it to even be on the list. Given how big a deal it is in the US and the preparations being made […]

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The great train-ride north

September 22, 2009

Indulging in my penchant for train travel and my desire to limit the amount of time ever spent in Heathrow Airport my travels upon my arrival in London will involve a six hour train ride to Luechars. Leuchars is only a 10 minutes bus ride outside St Andrews. I’m preparing for the assault to the […]

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The sprit of the ANZAC: Tpr Donaldson honored with first Victorian Cross since 1969

January 26, 2009

They are not given out like Candy. In fact, even using such a glib comparison feels sacriligious. I am referring to the Victoria Cross, the highest Australian (and Commonwealth) military honor. It doesn’t just honor bravery or courage, but bravery or courage exhibited to save the life or lives of others in the face of […]

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